engine oil for the bike

A bike's engine is its beating heart. The best manufacturer in town may provide the newest model, but if the engine of that bike is not properly maintained, the entire riding experience may be ruined.

Everything seems crucial, but how and what does spending more on higher quality aid your engine? Every time we get an oil change, we are informed that the oil has thickened or depleted and needs to be changed, but how can you choose the right oil for your engine's needs? Here are some reasons for using GS Caltex Engine oil for your bike to dispel this skepticism.

High RPM puts more strain on engine parts, necessitating more wear protection. Oils are subjected to greater loading and shearing pressures, which can cause lubricant film rupture and viscosity reduction, both of which lead to an increase in wear. High RPM also raises the chance of foaming, which can lower an oil's capacity to carry the load and make it more susceptible to wear. Look for the best engine oil for the bike to keep it running for a longer time period.


Heat is transferred away from the lubricated parts using synthetic engine oil. The oil in the oil pan is cooled by the effective engine oil. It is advised to use engine oil for a bike with strong heat resistance to minimize carbon production from breakdown.

Kixx Ultra 4T range of engine oils is one of the finest engine oils for bikes. These engine oils help you to maintain your performance of your(need another word as the fleet is often referred to as more than 1 vehicle). This oil is exclusively designed for new-age 4-stroke motorbikes to improve their power.


Engine oil's primary function is to ensure that all engine components receive adequate lubrication, hence minimizing friction and wear. Engine Oil lubricates the moving parts and creates a slick coating over the parts... Ensuring continuous oil supply to each component and thus reducing the wear is the main function of the lubrication system. continuous oil supply. Reduced friction also depends on the proper oil viscosity. Selecting a smart lubricant for your smart bikes thus becomes an important decision.

Smart engine oil can enhance the power of the bike as well as reduce the maintenance cost too. It is essential to choose the finest engine oil to achieve the best performance and maintain the pickup of your bike. Some of the best engine oil for bikes includes Kixx Ultra 4T Synthetic, Kixx ULTRA 4T POWER, Kixx ULTRA 4T GOLD, Kixx ULTRA 4T XP, and Kixx ULTRA 4T SCOOTER. These products are thoughtfully made to provide optimum seal protection and lubricate the bike.

Increases fuel effectiveness

Better fuel combustion results from the engine oil running smoothly and with the least amount of friction. Smooth working of all the components helps in reducing the fuel loss during power. Kixx Ultra 4T range of oils ensure that the piston and the crank don’t have to work harder as the long drain interval ensures that the oil is not used up while generating additional power and thus ensures lower friction. Greater stress results from greater power density.

Compared to car engines, motorcycle engines create more horsepower per cubic inch. Additionally, they frequently use greater compression ratios. Higher engine temperatures and more stress are caused by increased power density and compression. Motorcycle oil must work harder to combat wear, deposits, and chemical deterioration as a result.

Moreover, if you are owning a scooter and have experienced some decline in power and compression then, Kixx ULTRA 4T SCOOTER can be one of the best choices. It is specially crafted for scooters. The high-quality engine oil cleanses your engine and enhances lubrication. It helps you to get maximum power density.


Base oil and additives are the two main components found in all engine oils. While the base oil aids in lubrication, the additives assist clean the engine, which offers further engine protection. All the engine parts it comes into contact with are cleaned by the engine oil. The additives in use remove the carbon buildup that has accumulated on the motor parts.


Finally, it is advised for bike owners to use synthetic engine oil for a better and smoother riding experience if they wish to increase the lifespan of their vehicles. To maintain a healthy engine, one needs to also keep changing the engine oil for the bike as per intervals suggested in the user manual of the OEM

GS Caltex India brings to you a wide range of premium engine oil for bikes. Now enjoy the exhilarating ride and maintain your prized possession with utmost ease only with GS Caltex India. Visit our website now!