engine oil for the bike

Oil changes on a regular basis keep your engine clean. As a result, selecting the incorrect grade of engine oil for a car or opting for a lower quality one can have disastrous consequences. Car Engine Oil is critical to the health of a vehicle. They make it easier for the engine to cool, clean, and protect itself. Choosing the appropriate engine oil is critical for improved engine performance. We all want our car engines to work smoothly, but many people must know that selecting the right engine oil is critical.

Oil change at recommended time intervals helps in ensuring the smooth functioning of the engine. Delaying oil changes causes a myriad of future engine problems – power loss, downtime, and underperformance of the vehicle to name a few.

Choosing the right engine oil like Kixx PAO 1, Kixx G1 Synthetic Power, and Kixx G1 Synthetic can help your car’s engine to run better for a long time.

Choosing the perfect oil demands considering various factors that have both a direct and indirect impact on engine performance. These are as follows-

The Model of the Vehicle

Going through the manual would be the greatest option when selecting the right Car Engine Oil. It would include all the recommended engine oil qualities the vehicle would require for peak performance.

Oil mineral/ Synthetic/ Semi-Synthetic

You would choose one of these engine oils based on the model, vehicle requirements, and driving needs. Whereas mineral engine oil is less expensive, synthetic engine oil offers superior engine performance at a higher cost. Semi-synthetic is another fantastic option within your pricing range that provides some of the benefits of mineral and synthetic oils. Kixx G1 Synthetic range of premium & synthetic engine oils from GS Caltex India are one of the best engine oils available in India.

Environmental Aspects

Whether the vehicle is used in hot or cold conditions influences the engine oil selection. If the weather on both sides is harsh, the engine oil should be able to perform correctly in both cold and hot temperatures.

Oil of Good Quality

The viscosity of the oil is the difficulty with which it flows smoothly. Higher viscosity oil flows slowly through the engine, while lower viscosity oil moves swiftly. Oils with low viscosity operate well in cold weather, whereas oils with high viscosity function well in hot weather. The lower the number, the more resistant the oil is to freezing temperatures. The other number reflects how thick the engine oil is.

Verifying the Standards

There are numerous standards all throughout the world. These standards will assist you in determining the engine oil's suitability and acceptability

Finally, learning and being acquainted with your engine oils is critical. Knowing the basics of engine oils will assist you in selecting the best engine oil for your car. Selecting the proper engine oil would enable efficient, smooth, and satisfying vehicle performance.


It is vital to be aware of the various car Engine Oil available in India for our vehicles to select the appropriate engine oil for our needs. Understanding how to select the correct engine oil will improve the efficiency, smoothness, and enjoyment of your vehicle's performance.