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Diesel Engine Oil - Myths Debunked

Automobile industries occupy an integral part of our business and contribute significantly to the development of society. However, the foundation of this automobile industry depends on fuels. The increasing population is imposing stress on the availability of the natural reserves of fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas. It is also increasing the pollution levels and, to combat this issue, people are getting inclined towards an alternative source of energy.

Conventional Energy Sources

The conventional sources of energy for automobiles were traditionally petrol. However, in the era of development, people are focusing on the use of diesel and other energy forms for cars, bikes, and other automobiles. Debate is still on about the benefits and use of petrol and diesel engine oil. Irrespective of the nature of the engine oils, the importance of diesel engine oils never goes out of trend. However, some popular myths surround the minds of people these days. It might affect the net productivity of the engine oils.

Some Myths Surrounding Diesel Engine Oil

Not to Switch Brands - Most people remain loyal to a single diesel oil brand. However, it is not the best decision as the demands of your engine also change with time and climatic conditions. Many people also believe that changing the brand of the diesel engine oil, the efficacy, and the oil pressure also changes. However, it is not true. You should understand your engine specifications while choosing the diesel. If the diesel is not at par with the OEM specifications, it might not cater to your engine needs.

Not Choosing Synthetic Oils - Many people remain in a dilemma to pick up the synthetic diesel oils for your engine. They believe that mineral oils are best for the engine. However, if you know the components present in the synthetic oils, you will remain assured that they will protect your engine better. Moreover, the problem of seal compatibility issues is not there.

Checking Diesel Condition - The diesel engine oils may absorb many dust particles, pollutants, and other gases during their performance. Many people will make a decision about the condition of the diesel oil by looking at the colour. According to most people, the black colour signifies the low quality of the diesel. However, it is opposite to the belief. The dark colour of the diesel oil gives better efficacy of the oil on the engine performance. It is better to get an expert to perform the diesel examination.

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Accumulation of Dirt in the Diesel Engine Oils - There is also a myth that only dust, and metal particles followed by dust, soot, and other pollutants accumulate in the diesel oil. However, it is not true. Apart from the accumulating pollutants, the oxidation temperature of the engine oils also decreases. It increases friction on the engine. The addition of additives might not help increase the life of your engine oil. You need to change and replace the engine diesel oil to maintain the engine efficacy.

There are several advantages associated with the use of diesel engine oil. It gives a long life to the engine in a cost-effective manner. The diesel oil tends to cool and prevent excess engine friction—a lower engine temperature helps maintain engine productivity. Kixx Dynamic Gold SAE 15W-40, API CH-4 is one such product from GS Caltex India Pvt Ltd which has exceptional protection and performance in all weather conditions

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