Why is changing engine oil at the proper interval so important? Making sure that you are changing your oil on a regular basis is the most important routine of vehicle maintenance. Properly scheduled oil changes are crucial in keeping your bike running properly. A responsible bike owner takes great care to maintain his bike. This helps keep the bike in good shape and prevents any issues from emerging in the future. The engine is the soul of the bike. Changing the engine oil is a basic and critical task. One must opt for the best bike engine oil.

1. Regular Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Clean

When oil flows into the engine parts, dirt and other particles will begin to accumulate within it. If you are not changing your oil at the proper intervals, sludge will begin to build up in your engine. Those who may live in drier, dustier areas will have even more particles making their way through. Changing your engine oil as well as replacing your filters on a timely basis will get any of these harmful bits of dirt and debris out of the engine before they do any damage.

2. Longer Engine Life More Likely with Routine Oil Changes

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It lubricates and protects your engine and many of its critical parts from wear and damage. The problem is oil gets dirty. By making sure that you have your oil and filter changed according to the recommendation in the owner’s manual, you will be keeping your engine clean and protected, as well as saving time, money, and stress. A regularly scheduled oil change is an investment that will help ensure that you will be driving around in your vehicle for years to come.

3. Get Better Mileage by Changing Oil on Time
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Changing the oil on time and I will get better mileage? How does that work? Overall miles per litre are affected by several factors including environment, terrain, personal driving habits and vehicle maintenance. Without proper maintenance, all that dirt and grit we talked about earlier will build up inside your engine causing friction, and friction is no friend of your engine. Friction is the enemy of engine performance and optimum fuel economy. Making sure that your engine always has clean oil in it will help to reduce friction, allowing your engine to run more efficiently with the best possible mileage.

4. Routine Oil Changes Help with Better Engine Performance

Over time, old oil breaks down due to exposure to heat. This causes it to lose its viscosity as well as its ability to lubricate the engine cylinder walls. Essentially, the dirtier the oil is, the harder it is to go where it needs to. That sludge begins to build up in areas blocking the flow to parts that need lubrication. Another function of oil is to draw heat from the parts of the engine. If they are covered with sludge, these parts stay hotter longer. Ultimately the engine will run less efficiently as its performance is robbed of both mileage and power.

Regularly schedule oil changes are a must. Hands down, they are not a vehicle service you can ignore. Old dirty oil decrease mileage lowers horsepower, and will ultimately reduce the life of your engine. Read over the owner’s manual for your vehicle and be sure to get your oil changed at the proper intervals recommended by your manufacturer. GS Caltex India Pvt Ltd provides the best solution with its vast portfolio of lubricants suitable for all types of machineries. For more details visit www.gscaltexindia.com

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