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Turbine Oils Turbine Oils


ISO 46/68

Premium quality inhibited turbine oil. Contains highly effective rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors and is formulated to provide good air release properties.

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Recommended For:
    • Lubrication systems of mineral-oil-lubricated steam and hydraulic turbines operating under all service conditions
    • Industrial-type gas turbines under moderate service where the oil is not exposed to high temperatures
    • Air compressors, bath and circulating systems supplying bearings of all types, lightly loaded gear sets, pumps, electric motors and low to moderate-pressure hydraulic systems where antiwear or other special properties are not required
Performance Standards:
    • British Standard BS489:1983
    • German Standard- DIN 51515 Part 1
    • Meets gear oil requirements of David Brown Table ‘M’
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 210 Ltr
    • 20 Ltr
Customer benefits:
    • Outstanding oxidation resistance
    • Faster Air release for improved system efficiency
    • Very good demulsible property for proper lubrication
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