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Industrial Greases Industrial Greases



Non-melting, EP grease formulated from highly refined ISO 100 mineral base oil, an organo-clay (bentonite)thickener, and an effective EP agent for high temperature applications where frequent re-application is available.

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Recommended For :
    • Industrial ball and roller bearings in high-temperature applications.
    • Exhaust fan bearings
    • Furnace door bearings
    • Kiln car wheel bearings
    • Roll neck bearings
    • High-temperature conveyor bearings
    • Rotary kiln bearings
Performance Standards:
    • High temperature, bentonite grease
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 15Kg
Customer benefits:
    • Wide temperature range application
    • Low grease loss
    • Provide satisfactory lubrication beyond the temperature range that ordinary soap thickener or complex soap thickener cannot stand
    • Good protection against rust and corrosion
    • Excellent water-wash out protection and storage stability
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