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Industrial Greases Industrial Greases

Kixx MP 3


Multipurpose grease containing highly refined mineral base oils, lithium thickener and rust and oxidation inhibitors.Suitable for automotive and industrial applications.

Recommended For :
    •  Plain and rolling element bearings
    • Automotive and General bearing lubrication
    • Construction and agricultural equipment bearing lubrication
      Usable temperature range: -20 to +130°C. Maximum temperature for short term exposure: +155°C
Performance Standards:
    • Lithium-based NLGI 3 Multipurpose grease
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 180 Kg
    • 15Kg
Customer benefits:
    • Protection against component wear under moderate load conditions.
    • Very good rust and corrosion protection of metal surfaces.
    • Very good oxidation resistance for enhanced grease service life.
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