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Kixx Long Life Grease is premium quality general multi-purpose automotive and industrial grease. It has a smooth and buttery texture and is light golden yellow in color. It is manufactured from high viscosity index premium quality base oils, lithium soap thickener and advanced rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors to provide high mechanical and chemical stability. Its unique technology of higher dropping point gives exceptional stability under thermal stress.

Recommended For :
    • For all automotive and industrial applications where the use of NLGI3 is recommended
Performance Standards:
    • NLGI-3
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 200 gms
    • 500 gms
    • 1 Kg
    • 2 Kg
    • 3 Kg
    • 5 Kg
    • 7 Kg
    • 20 Kg
    • 180 Kg
Customer benefits:
    • High oxidation stability and excellent tackiness provides a longer service life
    • Cost benefits due to reduced wear of the bearings
    • Good load-carrying capacity reduces bearing failures
    • Lubricates effectively in wet conditions due to its excellent resistance to water washout
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