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Kixx Hydro AW ISO 32/46/68
Hydraulic Oils Hydraulic Oils


ISO 32/46/68
Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid


High-quality antiwear type lubricants recommended for hydraulic systems and a wide variety of circulation systems of Industrial equipments. These oils can also be used for reciprocating compressor crankcase lubrication.

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Recommended For:
    • Premium quality hydraulic fluid, made from Group II + base oils, used in antiwear applications
    • Industrial hydraulic systems
    • Hydraulics of mobile and construction equipment
    • Hydraulic systems with vane, gear or piston pumps
    • Plastic injection molding machines
    • Machine tools
    • Enclosed gear systems
    • Industrial circulating systems
Performance Standards:
    • ISO Standard 11158 Type HM
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 210 Ltr
    • 20 Ltr
Customer benefits:
    • Longer equipment life.
    • Reduced downtime.
    • Trouble-free operation.
    • Extended oil service life.
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