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Kixx Grease Liplex 2 is a “state‐of‐art”, high tech Lithium Complex grease. It is an NLGI 2 multipurpose, extreme pressure, high melting point Lithium Complex grease with tackiness additives. It offers significant advantages over conventional soap-based and clay-based grease in terms of shear stability, thermal stability, water resistance, and permeability. It has a high dropping point and suitable for continuous operation up to +165°C. Red in color.

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Recommended For :
    • Automotive, Industrial applications
    • Marine Mining, Off-highway equipment Steel, Cement, Sugar industries
    • Grease for High temperature and heavy load conditions
Performance Standards:
    • NLGI 2
    • GC-LB
    • Lithium Complex Grease
      Usable temperature range: -30 to 165Deg. C
      Maximum Short temperature exposure +220Deg. C
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 180 Kg
    • 15 Kg
Customer benefits:
    • Good mechanical and shear stability
    • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
    • Good low temperature pumpability
    • Good high temperature performance
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