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Kixx Dynamic Diesel SAE 15W-40
Truck/Tractor Engine Oils Truck/Tractor Engine Oils


SAE 15W-40
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Kixx Dynamic Diesel CF-4 15W-40 is high performance, multigrade diesel engine oil specially designed to lubricate a wide range of diesel and gasoline engines requiring APl CF-4 performance lubricants.

Recommended For :
    • Use in turbo charged trucks and tractors where API CF-4 performance is recommended by the OEM.
    • It is also recommended to be used in LCV/MCV, Mini-vans and Gensets.
Performance Standards:
    • API CF4
Pack Sizes Available:

    1 Ltr,

    7.5 Ltr,

    10 Ltr,

    15 Ltr

Customer benefits:
    • Excellent protection against oxidation which helps in increased oil service life
    • Superior performance against sludge formation which protects engine for longer period
    • Ensures superior protection against thickening of oil and carbon deposit build up in critical components.
    • Lower maintenance cost and reduced downtime enables improved profitability
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