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Kixx D1 Platinum Plus 10L packshot
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils



Premium performance semi synthetic multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of modern, high performance diesel engines where API CI-4 Plus performance is required. It is formulated with high quality base oils and advanced technology additives which protect the engine to provide excellent performance.

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Recommended For :
    •  Recommended for the lubrication of modern, low-emission, turbocharged 4-stroke diesel engines including with exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) and old engines with high or low fuels sulfur content
    •  It can be used in heavy transport equipment for cargo, passengers, construction, mining, marine, and mixed gasoline and diesel fleets, etc.
Performance Standards:
    • API  Cl-4 PLUS /  Cl-4  / CH-4 / CG-4
    • API SL/SJ  ACEA E7-08
    • E2-96, Volvo VDS-3, MB 228.3
    • Cummins CES 20071/72176/77/78
    • MAN 3275
    • Mack EO-N PP03
    • CAT ECF-l A
    • ECF-2
    • Global OHD – l
    • JASO DH -l
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 210 Ltr
    • 55Ltr
    • 20 Ltr
    • 15 Ltr
    • 5 Ltr
Customer benefits:
    • Excellent soot control property prevents soot accumulation
    • High-performance base oils coupled with special additives ensure high performance even after prolonged use
    • Excellent anti-wear and detergency properties helps to keep the engine clean
    • Minimizes fleet maintenance, operating and inventory costs
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