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Kixx Cutting Oil SL


Kixx Cutting Oil SL is specially developed for a general-purpose soluble cutting fluid of the non-EP type; it is blended from premium quality mineral oil and a good package of emulsifier and corrosion inhibitors. It forms a milky white emulsion. The emulsion formed is homogenous and does not split during usage on routine machine shut-downs, under normal conditions.
GS Cutting Oil SL is recommended for general purpose metal cutting operations of ferrous and nonferrous materials, where the high quality coolant is required. Always add oil to water under agitation to make a good emulsion. Do not add water to oil.

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Recommended For:
    • Recommended for variety of cutting operations on ferrous and nonferrous metals
    • Extended tool life
Performance Standards:
    • BIS 1115:1986
Pack Sizes Available:
    •  210 Ltr
Customer benefits:
    • Highly stable emulsion
    • Prolonged tool life
    • Excellent surface finish
    • Superior cooling and lubricating properties
    • Excellent rust protection
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