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CNG/Mini Truck Oils CNG/Mini Truck Oils

Kixx CNG


Kixx CNG is high quality engine oil specially designed to use in light duty vehicles running on environment friendly CNG/ LPG fuels.Kixx CNG is formulated using special additives and high quality base oils which provide excellent oxidation resistance,protection against engine wear and good deposit control.

Recommended For:
    • All CNG & LPG vehicles where API SF/CF oils are specified
Performance Standards:
    • API SF/CF
Pack Sizes Available:
    • 0.5 Ltr
    • 1 Ltr
    • 2.5 Ltr
    • 3 Ltr
    • 210 Ltr
Customer benefits:
    • Trouble-free operation
    • Provides superior protection against engine wear
    • ┬áReduces sludge build-up and deposits
    • ┬áSuperior detergent properties ensure excellent cleanliness of the engine
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