To ensure optimal engine performance and fuel economy, it is crucial to change your engine oil regularly.

Learn more about how to change your car engine oil with Kixx.


To change your car engine oil, please prepare: engine oil, an oil filter, an air filter, a wrench and socket set, gloves, wipes, a funnel​, a drain pan for oil disposal, a carjack and jack stands.

what you'll need

Start the car to warm up the engine,​ and be sure to install a safety device when lifting a car.

Kixx-Tutorial_04-Image-1 Step 1. Choose the Right Engine Oil and Filter Kixx-Tutorial_04-Image-2

Check your vehicle’s manual and make sure you have the right engine oil and filter​.

Step 2. Prepare for Oil Drainage Prepare for Oil Drainage

Place the carjack under the car, and slowly lift the vehicle​. After the vehicle is fully lifted, install the jack stands and secure it in place. Once the jack stands are securely installed, remove the carjack.

Remove the oil cap from the oil tank, and place a drain pan under the vehicle to collect the used oil​.

Step 3. Drain the Engine Oil Drain the Engine Oil

Find the oil tank located underneath the vehicle and position the lift drain found at the repair shop. Carefully loosen the bolt on the oil tank​ and wait for the used oil to drain​. Completely draining the engine oil takes about 30-45 minutes.

Step 4. Change the Oil Filter

After the used oil is completely drained, tighten the bolt to close the oil tank.​ Here, make sure not to overtighten the bolt.

Change the Oil Filter

Then, rotate the bolt counterclockwise, remove the old oil filter​ and replace it with a new filter​.

Step 5. Add New Engine Oil Add New Engine Oil

Using a funnel, top up fresh engine oil into the oil tank, and wait for a few minutes for the new oil to settle in. ​You can make the most of this time by replacing the cabin air filter.

To finish off, push the clean dipstick back in, take it out again to inspect the engine oil level, then place the dipstick and oil cap back into place. ​Lastly, start the car to warm up the engine for a minute or two and re-check the dipstick to make sure that it’s at the proper level.

Change your oil regularly, Kixx: