The Technological Edge of Fully Synthetic Fluids

Man-made synthetic fluids consist of artificial chemical compounds. You can use Fully Synthetic Engine Oil in hydraulics as it can lubricate the parts. These oils are made from chemically modified materials but the base remains the same- distilled crude oil. They might have several additives which determine the characteristics of the oil. Different synthesis processes can be used when it comes to manufacturing the oil. At GS Caltex India, we use premium technologies to get the best outcome. Our synthetic oils are smooth and can enhance the overall performance of the fluids.

How Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is different from conventional oil?

Synthetic and conventional oils differ in the way they are made. The former is man-made and thus has all the molecules of the same size and structure. They are available in different types and can be used for various applications. Mineral oils are natural and made using refined crude oil.  Most of the vehicles can operate using either oil that meets the desired standards and specifications. Fully Synthetic Engine Oil by GS Caltex India offers superior performance and can give up to 47 percent better results than conventional oils.  Our product has better shear stability and less deposit formation. They are less volatile with good cold-temperature pumpability and higher oxidation resistance. This is why more owners are shifting towards synthetic oil so that their vehicles can give higher performance.

What are the advantages of synthetic oils over conventional oils?

Conventional oils can chemically degrade when exposed to certain conditions which is not the case with synthetic oils. These conditions can commonly occur in your engines like combustion byproducts, water contamination, extreme heat, etc.  Oil degradation might cause corrosion, viscosity change or several other issues that might hamper the engine's performance. But when you use our high-quality Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, no such issues will occur. The synthetic oils come with a higher viscosity index. This means the viscosity does not easily with the temperature when the engine starts up or operates. This is crucial because without viscosity the natural friction between metals would wear out the engines. Conventional oils can get thick in low temperatures. This will make the oil un-pumpable and they might not be able to circulate efficiently throughout the engine. This can lead to engine failure. Synthetic oils, on the other hand, are not sensitive to temperature changes and they remain in the same structure throughout. Due to the less volatility of the engine oils, there is less loss through the engine’s exhaust stream. This will reduce the atmospheric pollution rate and hence our synthetic oils are good for the environment. You will also need less markup oils between oil changes when you use our synthetic range. The biggest reason why vehicle owners prefer our Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is because they have a longer life span. It is recommended to change our synthetic oil after every 5000-7000 miles or as suggested by your car manufacturer. Synthetic oil gives better protection to your car. The engine parts move at a high speed and they are always in contact. High temperatures can wear them down but your engine oil works as a protective element between them. Synthetic oils do not break down easily and can protect your car’s engine for much longer. Conventional oil can create sludge and deposit buildups over time which can reduce the engine’s overall efficiency and lifespan. Our high-quality Synthetic Engine Oil contains fewer impurities and it effectively resists sludge and deposit formation. Vehicles these days have smaller engines and turbochargers. Our synthetic oil can quickly flow to the critical parts and give them the much-needed lubrication. It helps the turbocharger to give its optimal performance.

Should I go for fully synthetic or synthetic blend engine oil?

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil offers better performance and can last longer. This means you will not have to get the oil changed quite often. Even though synthetic blend oil is cheaper, it will not give a high performance like the fully synthetic one. Fully synthetic oil does not degrade as fast as the blended oil. This means the higher cost will prove to be effective in the long run. It will enhance the performance of your engine and keep them from wearing out. This means you will have to spend less on car maintenance. Fully synthetic fluid helps your vehicle to run longer, offering them greater protection in harsh climates. You will understand the improved performance when you switch to synthetic engine oils from conventional or partially synthetic oils.

The rising trend of synthetic fluids

The synthetic oil market is thriving, thanks to the growing automotive industry and industrialization across the globe. The environmental regulations have enforced laws on the auto sector to reduce carbon emissions which is one of the reasons behind the increasing sale of Fully Synthetic Oil. The use of synthetic engine oils has reasonably increased in personal vehicles and high cargo transports. One of the reasons behind this is, people have now become environmentally more conscious. The use of alternative fuels can reduce carbon emissions and in turn, pollution.  GS Caltex India is a leading producer of synthetic oils. We have access to the latest technologies and experienced professionals who can help us create better products. You can use our Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for better engine performance and lesser environmental impact. We are conducting R&D regularly, to come up with an efficient synthetic lubricant that can give a better performance at a more competitive price.