Gear Lubrication Revolution

You know that a machine is made of different components and gear is one of them. Whether you are using a simple watch or operating a complex machine, everything will have a gear in it. If you want your machine to operate properly, it should be smooth and without wear. Gear Oil will help lubricate the gears so they can operate efficiently. It works by increasing longevity and reducing wear & tear.

Why do you need gear lubrication?

Gears help to transfer power between rotating shafts and change the input to output motion. This is why these components experience severe friction and are likely to wear out during operation.  Lubricating with oil creates a thin film between the gear teeth and as a result, reduces friction and heat generated in the process. As metal-to-metal contact is reduced by forming a protective barrier, the chances of the machine getting worn out are also less. With proper lubrication, the load is distributed evenly across the gear teeth. This helps to reduce the stress concentrations and also the tooth damage risks. With proper lubrication, dirt and other contaminants are also removed. This helps them to prevent damage in the long run. Often people forget about Gear Oils when it comes to scheduled maintenance. But you should never ignore this. The oil helps to lubricate and cool down the gear components along with protecting them. With proper oiling, the gears can work at the right speed smoothly. If properly oiling is not done, you will experience degradation in the performance of the machine over time. Oils for gears can limit the friction within the gear operation. Less friction will reduce the amount of debris near the contact zone of the engine. It also helps to control extreme temperature and pressure. It improves the overall performance of the machine and reduces the chances of pitting, scuffing, etc.

What are the important oil components?

Gears keep on moving constantly and that means the oil has to be consistent in its performance. You should change the oil on time and ensure it is clean so that your machine can give the best performance. The gear oil should be durable to ensure consistent performance over time. Also, the gearbox needs to stay clean and dry to give optimal performance. The oil helps to separate water quickly even at high temperatures.

What happens if you do not change your gear oil?

You should always change your Gear Oil as suggested by the manufacturer. If you do not do that, you will put the gear system and machine under the severe risk of getting damaged. You might have to repair or replace the parts which will incur a high cost. As gears with a lot of metal-to-metal contact, the oil can deteriorate over time. Natural friction can grind the moving parts and it will slowly accumulate in the oil. This will slowly deteriorate the capability of the oil to lubricate. This is why you should get the oil periodically replaced or your machines might get severely damaged.

Why should you use gear oil?

The oil helps to lubricate the gears and prevent scouring and corrosion, which can deteriorate gear condition and reduce the efficiency of your machine. You must address this issue on time, or it will cause severe problems and costly repairs. You cannot use motor oils in the gear because they are not the same. We formulate special gear oils that will enhance overall gear performance.

What are the things you should consider while selecting lubricants?

There are various components to consider to select the right lubricant. You should consider the gear type and its speed. You will also need to check the load on the gear and its operating temperature. You should consider the surrounding environmental conditions too. Contact us at GS Caltex India to get expert advice on the right lubricant for your specific application.

Important factors you must consider for gear lubrication

Lubricants can help with a wide range of functions along with reducing friction and wear. It helps to reduce corrosion, and contamination and helps the machine to cool down. Different oils can have various benefits and you must choose the right oil depending on the issues your machine is facing. Lubricants have a lot of additives to the base oil and each has its unique applications. We choose the ingredients based on how you are going to use the lubricant. Some machines might need the thick grease while others would need gear oil. Depending on your machine's operating conditions, we will help you select the right one. You should go for regular lubricant analysis to assess the conditions of the gear. It will help detect different issues like contamination and degradation. The lubrication schedule will depend on operating conditions, temperature and load. GS Caltex India is a leading manufacturer of Gear Oil and we offer quality products at competitive rates. You can purchase our lubricant to ensure your machine gives a long-term optimal performance. This is a reliable product which guarantees that your gear will run smoothly and efficiently over the years.  But for that, you have to ensure timely oil change and use proper lubrication techniques. If you neglect to oil the gears, it will increase friction and the chances of your machine getting damaged will be higher. You can consult our experts if you have any confusion with gear lubrication.