Best Compressor Oil

Selecting an appropriate compressor oil is significant. It has a considerable impact on the overall performance of your machine. Compressor oils are excellent lubricants that help maintain your compressor. It reduces the wear and tear of your compressors. They are ideal for oil-flooded screws as well as vane compressors. Moreover, Compressor oil can efficiently decrease friction, reduce energy and maximise the life of a compressor. Hence, making the right choice and connecting with the lubricant manufacturers in India for quality Compressor oils is vital. Here’s a guide that can help you to choose the best compressor oil:

Select the right types of Compressor Oil

Compressor oils are of two types standard and synthetic. Both have distinct characteristics. It is essential to know the difference and features of each one of them before opting for a Compressor oil.

      1. Standard oil:

    Standard Compressor oil is made from a mineral oil base. They are light and ideal for domestic and home use. If the running time of your Compressor is minimal, you can select standard Compressor oil. They are cheaper as compared to synthetic oils.

      2. Synthetic oil:

    Synthetic Compressor oil is manufactured using a synthetic base. Synthetic Compressor oils undergo various processes and are refined. They are ideal for a compressor having a high running time. It protects your compressor from overheating.

    Explore the benefits of Compressor Oil

        1. Excellent heat absorption:

      Compressor oil optimally absorbs the heat from compressors and maintains the temperature of the compressor.

        2. Resistant to oxidation:

      Standard and synthetic compressor oil delays the oxidation process and prevents acid formation.

        3. Enhances the life span:

      Compressor oils increase the lifespan of your Compressors. It protects various components of your machine by preventing it from wear and tear. It also makes lubricant compatible with various conditions.

        4. Maintain viscosity:

      Compressor oils maintain the viscosity of your compressors. Even if the temperature of the compressor drops, the Compressor oil will ensure smooth functioning even in cold temperatures.

        5. Improves water separability:

      Compressor oils improve the oil separability of your Compressors. It extends the lifetime of your compressors and reduces carbon accumulation too.

      The bottom line

      Compressor oils are one of the best things to improve the lifespan of your compressor. Replacing the Compressor oil regularly can help you maintain your machine better and reduce deposits. Study the components and specifications of your machine in detail to make the most suitable and smart choice. Look at the Best Compressor Oils from GS Caltex India, or Head to for More info.